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About has been collecting publicly-reported US Department of Defense contract information since October 30th, 2006, presenting a running tally of years of data to help those who seek such information on the American government's military spending practices. Information presented on this site is only as accurate as the sources they reflect (the US DoD).

Recent Contract Activity
There were 8 publicly-reported Defense Contracts listed Today totaling $712,181,352. This is Down 86% from Yesterday (14 contracts totaling $5,405,475,993).

Contract Activity This Week
There have been 43 publicly-reported Defense Contracts announced This Week totaling $7,026,021,448. This is Up 137% from Last Week (35 contracts totaling $2,957,761,299).

Contract Activity This Month
107 publicly-reported Defense Contracts are listed This Month totaling $17,931,384,394. This is Down 78% from Last Month (185 contracts in October totaling $85,038,921,821).

Defense Contracts "Hall of Gain"
Most Contracts in a Day: 141 (09/30/09)
Most Contracts in a Month: 751 (09/2009)
Largest Single Day: $72,855,309,820 (10/27/2015)
Largest Single Week: $78,391,831,303 (10/26/15-10/30/15)
Largest Single Month: $85,038,921,821 (10/2015)